pasta making class in rome

Indulge in Tradition: Pasta Making Class in Rome

Let’s be honest, if you’ve been to Italy but haven’t taken a pasta making class, have you really been to Italy? There is a saying that for Italians, there are two essential things in life: love and pasta. That’s because pasta is not only a staple of the Italian diet, it’s part of their cultural identity. And there is no better way to learn about the country and the people you’re visiting than through their food.

Whether you’re starting or ending your Italian adventure, attending a pasta workshop is your opportunity to learn about the art of making fresh pasta and make your trip even more memorable—like a nice, yummy cherry on top.

Why is pasta such a culinary staple?

In Italy, pasta is far more than a dish-it’s an experience. It’s like a cultural unifier that varies from place to place, with different regions and towns having their own take on twisting and shaping the dough. Don’t be fooled, pasta making is also an art form handed down from generation to generation.

handmade linguini

Most Italian chefs have their own pasta recipes, often learned from other family members or developed through experimentation. They won’t tell you what that secret ingredient might be or how they made their pasta, but they will happily feed you their homemade pasta and savour your enjoyment. Learning the basics is a great way to make your own, and, who knows, you might even create your own pasta recipe legacy.

Pasta making class in Rome with Walks + Devour tours

I love to eat, and pasta is very high on the list for me when it comes to Italian cuisine. However, I’ve never actually tried making it. Sure, I’ve seen others make it and have even assisted in the process, but I’ve never had to be the one to actually make pasta from scratch. Then, I got an opportunity to try out a pasta workshop in Rome and couldn’t say no. Here is how it all went.

Meeting point

I met my group in a small square in Piazza Trilussa. It’s a popular meeting spot for locals and tourists alike, which also makes it a great place to people-watch, especially if you sit on the steps leading up to the fountain. From here, it’s a short walk to the very modern and bright cooking school in the heart of Trastevere.

The school + the set up

I’ve never taken a cooking class before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. If you’re like me and feel anxious about taking a class with no previous experience, rest assured that you’re in good hands. I was part of a group of 10, and we had two professional chefs, Frederica and Elisa, who made everyone feel welcome and at ease.

Indulge in Tradition: Pasta Making Class in Rome

We gathered around a large table and we each got a designated work station. The ingredients were ready, and all we had to do was wash our hands and put on an apron. The school also has a modern kitchen and brand new appliances that give you that I’m-on-a-cooking-show-set vibe but friendlier and more pleasant.

Being in a group with a bunch of strangers turned out to be a great experience for me. We had an opportunity to learn about each other, share our fave Italian dishes (pro tip: chicken parmigiana is not a great choice, as it’s not a thing in Italy), and get to know our chefs. We also got to enjoy a welcome glass of prosecco, which is a must-have for me when it comes to Italian gatherings.

The pasta making class

The process of making pasta is part simplicity and part magic. Using only two ingredients – flour and egg – you can create an extraordinary base for any dish. I was surprised at how easy and simple it was. The process, which involves mixing, folding and stretching the dough, was enjoyable and fun as we all laughed at our creations. There is always one person in the group who is the least skilled, and I must say that, in this case, it wasn’t me.

pasta making
Pasta making class

We made two types of pasta – linguine and ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and sage. Once the pasta was made we learned how to make a simple tomato sauce for the pasta, which again, is a skill you can take home with you. As a bonus, we also learned about gelato and got to see how it’s made.

At the end of the cooking class, we got to eat our creations. The linguine with pasta sauce was simple and amazing. The ravioli came in a lemony butter with plenty of cheese, and it was outstanding.

Indulge in Tradition: Pasta Making Class in Rome

Rome Pasta-Making Class: Cook, Dine & Drink Wine With A Local Chef

This is the pasta making class with a professional chef as described in this post. I highly recommend the class to anyone looking for a culinary adventure and to immerse themselves in Italian cooking traditions.

Disclosure: I was invited to this pasta making class by Devour tours, however, all opinions shared here are my own.

Why take a pasta making class in Rome?

Rome is a city filled with fantastic experiences, from exploring ancient sites to immersing yourself in history and culture. There are so many things to explore that a cooking class might not be on your radar. Here is why taking an authentic Italian cooking class should be.

pasta making class
Fun at pasta making class
  1. Cultural immersion: Italy is renowned for its rich culinary heritage. Participating in a pasta making class allows you to delve deeper into Italian culture and traditions.
  2. Authenticity: Learning to make pasta in its birthplace provides an authentic experience. You’ll be guided by local chefs who have inherited recipes and techniques passed down through generations.
  3. Hands-on experience: Making pasta from scratch gives you a hands-on experience you can’t get from simply eating it in a restaurant. You’ll learn the art of mixing, kneading, and shaping the dough, which deepens your appreciation for the craft.
  4. Insight into ingredients: In a pasta making class, you’ll learn about the importance of using fresh, high-quality ingredients. You’ll gain insight into the types of flour, eggs, and other ingredients that go into making different pasta varieties.
  5. Memorable souvenir: The skills you acquire in a pasta making class can be taken home, allowing you to recreate authentic Italian pasta dishes for friends and family. It’s a lasting souvenir of your time in Rome.
  6. Fun and enjoyment: Most importantly, taking a pasta making class is fun! It’s a chance to roll up your sleeves, get a little messy, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something delicious from scratch.

Additional culinary and food tours in Rome

If you’re a foodie or simply want to indulge in Italian food and culinary traditions, you might also want to consider these tours with Devour Tours. I’ve had a great experience with these companies and can confidently recommend them to anyone travelling to Italy and looking for an authentic experience.

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This tour takes you on a culinary adventure through Rome’s historic Jewish Quarter and Centro Storico. Led by a local foodie guide, you’ll taste your way through nine food tastings and two drinks from various small, family-run businesses. Along the way, you’ll learn about Roman food traditions and how to navigate the city’s food scene like a local.

Tastes & Traditions of Rome: Testaccio Food and Market Tour

The tour dives into the Testaccio neighbourhood, beloved by Romans for authentic eats. Led by a local foodie guide, you’ll explore a market, learn how to navigate the food scene and indulge in tastings of coffee, pastries, pizza, cheese, cured meats, pasta and gelato.

Trastevere at Sunset: Rome Food & Wine Tour

This is a perfect way to explore Rome’s culinary scene in Trastevere. The tour is led by an expert and includes local foods and wine tastings. You will learn about the art of aperitivo and dine at various eateries, including an enoteca, a bar, and a restaurant

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