Amongst Romans

Amongst Romans

amongst romans

Amongst Romans is your go-to guide to everything Italy from an outsider’s perspective. Come on over and get your fill of everything Italian. Join us as we share our love of this beautiful country and everything it has to offer. From the arts, architecture, music and food to the greatness of the Roman Empire. 

Ciao Kasia and Alex

Want to learn more about Italy? Here is mainly what we cover about this amazing country.

roman art

Italian art

Discover Italian art trough the centuries. From the Romans to the Renaissance masters and performing arts of today. From sculpture, paintings and architecture to cinema and music, there is something for everyone. 

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is well known and loved around the world. Its history and origins as are fascinating as the country itself. Savour the flavours and styles of Italian cooking, in and out of the kitchen.

Italian culture

Italians are very proud of their culture, yet it can be quite confusing to outsiders. We provide you with a guide to understanding Italian culture thorough the lens of an outsider.

italian history

Italian history

Italy has a long and rich history. Here you will discover the past dating back to the Roman Empire. From the wonders of Italian Renaissance to modern day and everything in between

Italy also has a fantastic range of geographic landscapes. From the Italian Alps to the beaches of Sardinia and everything in between. The Italian outdoors are another reason to come here. MORE

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