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Amongst Romans is a travel podcast and your insider’s guide to experiencing the enchanting allure of Italy. We live in Italy, so we know a thing or two about what makes this country such an appealing destination. Join us as we journey through Italy’s timeless wonders, captivating culture, and picturesque landscapes.

From the iconic landmarks of Rome to the sun-kissed shores of the Amalfi Coast, we’ll immerse you in the vibrant tapestry of Italian life and adventure. Whether you’re dreaming of savoring authentic Italian cuisine, exploring ancient ruins, or wandering through charming cobblestone streets, our podcast is your passport to the unforgettable magic of Italy. Let us inspire your wanderlust and help you create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Andiamo!

About us and our podcast about Italy

We’re Kasia and Alex, the people behind this blog. We initially launched this site to offer insights into everything about Italy from an outsider’s perspective. We didn’t live in Italy full-time then, but we had always planned on moving here. Our ties to this country are pretty tight, and you can read more about our connection on our About Us page.

In 2022, we officially moved to Italy from Canada and now live in the Italian countryside. We know the appeal of Italy and just how many people dream of coming here. We want to share our slice of Italy with you and inspire you to plan your next Italian adventure. 

If you’ve ever wondered about those things and have heard stories of people who sold everything and moved to pursue the La Dolce Vita lifestyle, then this Italy podcast is for you. We aim to give you insights based on our experience with all the trials and tribulations that come along the way.

Where to find the Amongst Romans Italy travel podcast

You can find us on every major platform where you get your podcasts. If you enjoy our show, don’t forget to follow, subscribe and leave us a 5-start review so that others can find us and listen as well. Your support is greatly appreciated and matters so much to us! Tune in to our Italy podcast and hear about our adventures.

Get in touch

We love to hear from our listeners. Let us know what topics you’d like to hear on our Italy podcast – from questions about our life in Italy to specific Italian locations you’d like us to explore. We plan to cover frequently asked questions in special episodes throughout the seasons. We’re also planning on inviting expert guests to future episodes so that they can cover the topics that might be useful to our listeners, and knowing what issues you want to be covered will help us ensure we have the right guests to answer your questions. Send us your suggestions using the form below.

Are you interested in being a guest on our podcast, or are you interested in becoming a sponsor of the podcast? Fill out the form below and specify what you have in mind. We’ll take a look and get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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